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12.11.04 - Boobs
OK, not really. Currently, there are three sketches being written and filming will
probably start some time next week. Until then, I added a new "super shorts"
section to the
sketches page. Expect me to furnish that area with crap that's
usually less than 30 seconds long and collecting dust in my "Useless Shit"
folder. How can you not get excited over that? <3 Tim

- Creativity to come? Probably not.
With the holiday season coming up, expect some more sketches to appear
soon. Other than "laughable unprofessionalism," the biggest opponent to
getting sketches filmed is lack of time. During a semester break, that excuse
goes right out the window. In the meantime, check the regularly-updated
columns section.

11.01.04 - Found 50 cents on the ground
I found 50 cents on the ground.

- OMG update city loli
Uploaded two more
sketches and fixed the margins. Or attempted to at
least. This should look decent on all browsers as of now. Unless you're
using ShittyNTRface 2.0 or are displaying at 800x600 (in which case you'll
have to scroll to the right to see the menu). Also added some
downloads of
the AIM icon persuasion.

- Holy crap, it's an ugly Web site.

I'm mostly experimenting with format/fonts/colors right now. I was
thinking that maybe
text and pictures will go over there. I was thinking
of putting things that matter over there and some over there. Maybe
some plants (nuclear power). Probably over here, though. Let me know
what you think. For now click on Columns, Info, Links and Sketches to
see how things are shaping up. Uploaded two fine sketches for your
viewing pleasure. When I realized I screwed up the links, I fixed them.

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a weiner).

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